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Hammerang Skateboard production is suspended until supply chains are reopened for aluminum and other production supplies.

Hammerang Skateboards are designed by Wildmman and made from the high quality 6150 American made aluminum. These boards are made specifically for cruising. The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks have RedBones bearing and are setup to ride out of the box. You don't need to upgrade anything.

Ghost of Hammerang Skateboard Ghost of Hammerang Skateboard

Every Hammerang Skateboard is hand made. When you own a Hammerang, you own a board that was created by an artist using hand tools. Because they're hand made, each board is slightly different and no two boards are exactly alike. Like you, our boards are not factory clones.

Son of Hammerang Skateboard Son of Hammerang Skateboard

If you are serious about saving our planet and want to do more than talk. You can change from the boomer culture of buying disposable products and buy sustainable ones that are made to last. Hammerang skateboards are made to last a lifetime and more.

Gatorang Skateboard Gatorang Skateboard

Dragonrang Skateboard Dragonrang Skateboard

Pintailrang Skateboard Pintailrang Skateboard

Hammerang Bodyboard Hammerang Bodyboard

Hammerang Skateboards is not another boomer company If you are part of the #justlikeboomer herd, Hammerang Skateboards are not for you.

Aluminum is recyclable over and over again. And recycling aluminum creates less than 10% of the greenhouse emissions during the process.

The majority of the maple tree deforestation is due to skateboard manufacturing. The worst part of using wood for skateboards is that they last less than 3 years when used on a regular basis.

Chop down 40 year old trees and destroy the surrounding forest for less than 3 years of skating? Dats some stupid shit!

If you do nothing more than refuse to buy plastic bottled drinks, you will make a huge change in the world's pollution problem. Business is simple...if nobody buys shitty products, they don't get produced.

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